Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend without Stewart

Stewart is away with the cross country team for essentially two nights. Thanks to good friends, Max, Carl, and I have been entertained. This week Max made a goal for his soccer team, allowing them to win 2-0. He was very dramatic during his victory run. Carl's big accomplishment this week was not injuring himself at daycare. He didn't do a victory run to celebrate but we did! Carl also learned to shake his head yes. He tends to scream a lot to get his point across. In our attempt to abate this extremely obnoxious behavior, we ask him a question, "Oh, Carl, do you want the spoon? Yes?" And then he shakes his head yes WITHOUT screaming and we go into a big evangelical praise session for him. So, the big question should be: Has he stopped screaming. Well, no. In fact, he is screaming right this very minute because he can't get into Max's arts and craft supplies. But, he did learn to shake his head yes.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

To begin

Max and Carl, my boys, are both adopted from Vietnam. I started blogging when we were in the process of adopting Carl, nearly a year ago. I found the process of writing about motherhood made me smile because I realized how ridiculous I can be most of the time. It helped keep my role in the family in great perspective. Well, I stopped blogging on the original website and thought I would try it here. I won't be a very active blogger but, when I have time away from 7th grade essays, reading 7th grade novels, changing diapers, or playing monopoly, baseball, soccer, or wiffleball, I'll try and document our lives.